Gear Manager beta program registration for Samsung Z3 now open

Registration for the Gear Manager beta program for the Tizen-powered Samsung Z3 smartphone is now open for users. It is an app developed to enable inter-operability between the Gear S2 smartwatch and Samsung’s Tizen handset. Improvement of the app is key to Samsung as they have said that throughout the beta program users will be able to provide valuable feedback to the company.

The new Gear Manager app for Tizen has been through a complete rewrite since it was first shown off at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014 and the Tizen Developer Summit 2014. For those interested in participating in the beta program, they must have a Samsung Z3 running the latest software version. They will also need to register and be a member of the Tizen Forum Community. Information about the procedure to download the Gear Manager app, features supported and other relevant details will be provided once the app is ready for download.


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