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Is the next iPhone by Apple going to be Waterproof


Apple’s iPhones are not yet officially waterproof, even though a few users have been busy testing how they hold up to a dunking. It has emerged via a new patent suggesting it’s a feature that Apple has an eye on including in the future.

The patent which came to light this week even though it was filed back in July 2014. It focuses on a rubber port cover that loses and regains its shape – so it would allow a headphone jack to be plugged in but then seal the gap again once the headphones were removed, for example.

One of the weak links when it comes to making a phone that’s waterproof is the Ports as manufacturers ponder how to stop water getting into the handset when lightning cables and other peripherals need to be inserted.

The Patent

We have see various teardown that shows the iPhone 6S was almost waterproof and we have also seen waterproofing patents from Apple before with the last one involving a hydrophobic coating that would protect the inner circuitry even if water did get in.

All of those hints could mean we’ll see a fully waterproof iPhone 7 though we will have to wait to hear officially from Apple on it as the patent has yet to be granted to Apple.

It has been observed that ideas floated in industry patents don’t always end up seeing the light of day but they can be very useful in predicting which way a manufacturer is thinking.


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