OLED upgrade expected on next Apple iPhone – iPhone 7s

There have been rumuors that Apple will be upgrading the screen of their next generations smartphone devices to the OLED starting from 2018. However there are latest confirmations that the next Apple iPhone to get the upgrade will be the iPhone 7s with an announcement expected around September 2017.

The OLED display will help save battery life of the device. With the iPhone 7 due for release later this summer, there is no likelihood that the OLED will make it on the iPhone 7 but according to Chinese site Nikkei, it should be present on the iPhone 7s expected for release later next year.

The current iPhones make use of IPS LCD displays. With ab upgrade to OLED, the device will become thinner and have more flexible displays which are also able to be more power efficient. OLED screens can also display better blacks and richer colours than LCD. It’s good all round and has already appeared in the AppleWatch.

The main manufacturers of OLED displays are its competitors LG and Samsung but it is reported that Apple is near to closing a $12 billion deal with the two companies for mass production of these OLED screens hence the delay in the rollout.

With the upgrade, the OLED could allow Apple to create a more flexible phone and also offer an always-on display for at-a-glance notifications, without chewing up power already present in LG phones.


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