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apple watch sportThe Apple Watch is a smartwatch which incorporates fitness tracking plus other health-oriented capabilities as well as integration with iOS and other Apple products and services and is developed by Apple Inc. The device is available in four variants which are Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Edition. The Watch is distinguished by different combinations of cases and first or third party interchangeable bands.

The Apple Watch relies on a wirelessly connected iPhone either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to perform many of its default functions such as calling and texting. It is compatible with the iPhone 5 or later models running the iOS 8.2 or later.

The Apple Watch comes in four collections and features two case sizes: 38 mm (1.5 in) and 42 mm (1.7 in). The case of the watch includes a mechanism to enable the straps to be interchangeable. The device is designed to withstand splashes of water.

The watch includes a “digital crown” which can be turned to scroll or zoom and pressed to return to the home screen, and a touchscreen that features Force Touch technology, which makes it pressure-sensitive and capable of distinguishing between a tap and a press. The watch also has a side button which can be used to display a list of contacts, or access Apple Pay.

Battery and Charging
The device’s battery can last for 18 hours of mixed usage. Apple Watch is charged by means of inductive charging. The watch will enter a “power reserve” mode if the battery depletes to less than 10% and this allows the user to continue to read the time for an additional 72 hours. The watch reverts to its original mode when recharged.

The Apple Watch uses the S1 system-on-chip. It provides haptic feedback when an alert or a notification is received using a linear actuator called the “Taptic Engine” . The watch is also equipped with a built-in heart rate sensor, which uses both infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes.

Storage and Memory
The Apple Watch has 8 GB of storage which allows the user to store up to 2 GB of music and 75 MB of photos. When paired with an iPhone, all music on that iPhone is also available from the Apple Watch.

apple_watchSoftware and Support

Apple Watch runs watchOS, which is based around a home screen with circular app icons. The OS can be navigated using the touchscreen or the crown on the side of the watch.

It is capable of receiving notifications, messages, and phone calls via a paired iPhone. “Glances” allow users to swipe between pages containing widget-like displays of information. WatchOS also supports Handoff to send content from Apple Watch to an iOS or OS X device, and act as a viewfinder for an iPhone camera, Siri is also available for voice commands, although it is not capable of responding with voice prompts. Apple Watch also supports Apple Pay, and enables its use with older iPhone models that do not contain near-field communication (NFC) support.


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