Samsung Gear VR to have a dedicated controller

With all the beauty and how sophisticated the Samsung Gear VR is, its users still find a few things missing or needed. One of which is a dedicated controller, which will allows its users to better interact with Samsung and 3rd-party developer contents presently available on the gadget. In comparison to the HTC Vive, a user must fiddle with the touchpad on the side of the Gear VR headset, and in a few apps and games which makes its usage and experience less enjoyable. The HTC Vive has its own controllers, which makes playing games much more enjoyable, instead of twisting our heads about and pressing on the side of our headset like the Gear VR.

According to leaked renders, Samsung is finally at work on a dedicated controller device for the Gear VR. As shown in the images, the controller will feature an analog joystick, action buttons (X,A,B,Y), three-lined menu button in the direct center, as well as two top-facing left and right bumper (trigger) controls. Additionally, the last render also details that the controller is attachable to the headset when not in use. Gear-VR-Controller1 

Gear-VR-Controller-2Gear-VR-Controller-3With the step being taken by Samsung on the controller, it is hoped that a wand will also be worked on  as this is much more suitable for many VR experiences. With a wand you could point and click on items when in your virtual world, instead of a controller which is merely an uninspired replica of the console gaming experience. In comparison to its peers, the Vive and Wii both have wands.

Samsung has yet to confirm it is building a controller (or wand) for Gear VR.

For present owners of the Gear VR, would you want a gaming controller or wand?

Via: SamMobile | Samsung Mania

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