HTC One M10 likely unveiling expected at April 11 event in London

With the annual MWC expo in Barcelona fast approaching, a lot of HTC users/lovers hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest product from HTC are going to be disappointed as the next expected flagship phone from the stables of HTC, the HTC One M10 which has been codenamed HTC Perfume is expected to make an appearance at a London launch event on 11 April, 2016 rather than Barcelona.

With previous phones from HTC having been launched using London as a launch location: the HTC One M7 was launched in the UK capital with a parallel event in New York in 2013, it’s perhaps a plausible rumour as to the expected launch of the HTC Perfume.

This rumour was gotten from a Portuguese website source; which had sourced this information from its own sources and so we have to take this as simply a rumour until it is launched as there’s little to back this up.

It is however observed that this new information does corroborate with some of the previous rumours that we’ve heard. The first of these was that HTC wasn’t going to be launching a new flagship at MWC, having gone back to the drawing board with the design, so was looking at hosting its own launch event some weeks later.

The second piece of information we also heard is that the M10 tag won’t stay for the commercial launch, rather HTC will come up with a new “One” name, however we will have to wait to learn the launch name of the handset that’s codenamed Perfume.

However, in the early days of rumours of this phone, one fairly reliable source said that it wasn’t going to be called the M10 when it launches.

Recently we’ve seen a lot more information on HTC’s handset: this potential launch date could be an important part of the puzzle.

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