iphone & gear s2

Samsung Gear S2 warming up to Compatibility with iPhone

iphone & gear s2Samsung Gear S2 could be the first of the Korean smartwatch to be able to interface with the devices of Apple. According to the Samsung blog, confirmation came today directly from Samsung  through software Gear Manager that they are already in an advanced stage of development to support the latest Apple device . The Gear S2 is already compatible with 65 percent of Android phones.samsung-galaxy-gear-s2

Gear Manager for iOS means that all iPhone owners can use a Gear S2, projecting the wearable Samsung to the Apple world. This would allow the South Korean manufacturer to expand significantly its potential user base, although Gear S2 will not initially have full access to all features of iOS.

One thing iOS users will miss out on is Samsung Pay as it requires a Samsung device to be paired with the Gear S2 for additional security.


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