LG Friends (Accessories) for the G5 get priced in the UK

When the LG G5 was announced at the MWC in February, some “Friends”(accessories) were announced along with it. The LG Friends as they are called are either modular accessories for the phone or standalone gadgets whose functions are better appreciated withe the G5.

These friends include:

  • LG Cam Plus                         LG Hi-Fi Plus (with B&O Play)
  • LG Rolling Bot                      H3 by B&O Play
  • LG 360 Cam                          LG 360 VR
  • LG Tone Platinum

Courtesy of online retailer Clove, most of these friends have now been priced in the UK. The LG Cam Plus which consist of both a camera grip and an extended battery pack for the G5. It has a battery capacity of 4000mAh when connected to the G5 and will be available for £69. Pre-orders are currently open while shipping will start on April 8.

The LG Hi-Fi Plus (with B&O Play) is a high quality DAC that includes its own amp and headphone socket is aimed at music lovers. This has been developed in cooperation with Bang&Olufsen, and it’s on pre-order priced at £149. It also suports HD audio playback and will be out on April 8.lg-360-cam

The LG 360 Cam is designed to allow you create 360-degree events with just a single click. It has two 13 MP sensors and three directional microphones. Contents created can be uploaded to Youtube or can be watched using another friend, the LG 360 VR. The cost of the LG 360 Cam is £199.

The 360 VR is a VR headset capable of playing back 360-degree videos. Its viewing pleasure can be compared to watching a 130inch TV just 2 metres away. It uses a USB Type-C connection to hook up to the G5 smartphone. The LG 360 VR costs £199 and weight about 118g. Its availability details aren’t known yet.

There is no official price for the LG Rolling Bot presently.


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