Report: Apple Users Will Soon be able to Trade-in their Broken iPhones

According to Apple shaman Mark Gurman, Apple will soon be expanding its iPhone trade-in program to include busted handsets.

Currently, the Apple Store “Reuse and Recycle” program lets you trade in iPhones with broken screens or buttons for credit when buying a new phone. It’s worth about half face value, with a good condition iPhone 6 getting you $300 of credit.

According to Gurman’s sources, the program is now expanding to include devices with cracked screens or broken cameras or buttons. Even though the trade-in values are low: $200 for an iPhone 6, $250 for a 6 Plus, or a lowly $50 for a 5S. For users who are not ready to go through the hassles of replacing their broken screens and reselling it themselves, then Apple’s one-stop shop is worth the visit.

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