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Samsung working on new ideas for the future of smartwatch

samsung smartwatch_futureGiant mobile phone manufactures Samsung is working on new ideas for the future of its smartwatches with the registration of new patents. The new innovations are expected to see the integration of more services into their devices wrist. An example is Samsung who recently patented and some ideas that could anticipate future Gear, these are based on Tizen or Android Wear.

Among the ideas filed by Samsung, there is a future integration between Smartwatch Gear 2 and the virtual reality of Gear VR. Samsung is trying to enrich the experience of moving within the virtual reality world using a watch as it is not able to move within the virtual reality as well as you can do it now with Gear VR.

The virtual reality is not the only goal of Samsung,  it is hoping to improve on the functions of a gear such that wearing a Gear, you could control every appliance simply moving the arm, without having to interact with the small display of smartwatch.

The latter idea could be one of the bases for the smart home of the future.


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