Launch of Gear S2 Classic New Edition Commences Globally by Samsung

Samsung Electronics has begun the global launch of the highly anticipated Gear S2 Classic New Edition on January 25. The lunch is expected to continue across the globe early this year with China being the first country where the device has been released.gear-s2-classic-platinum

At CES 2016 earlier this month, the unveiling of the additions to the Gear S2 Classic family of the smartwatch was a beauty to behold because of its merging of fashion with technology. In its bid to avail its customers of various options, the additions incorporates the classy design of the Gear S2 with high-end materials and two unique finishes: 18K Rose Gold and Platinum. The new 18K Rose Gold edition features rose gold plating (18K) and is sold with an Ivory Genuine Leather Band, while the Platinum version showcases platinum finishes with a Black Genuine Leather Band.gear s2 gold

Additionally, a new suite of stylish watch faces that feature Peanuts characters and artwork by creatives allows consumers to easily express their personality with a simple twist of the bezel. Moreover, in an effort to further improve the smartwatch’s user capabilities, Samsung has partnered with additional developers to offer an expanded application ecosystem that complements multiple lifestyles. New additions include the CNN and Bloomberg Gear S2 apps, which boast their own specialized watch face features, while others like eBay, ESPN, Uber and Voxer are designed to enhance the convenience of the device.

As countries throughout the world begin to release the Gear S2 Classic New Edition, the device will quickly differentiate itself from other wearables with its unique features that enable it to function as both a stylish fashion accessory and a practical lifestyle product that adds convenience to one’s everyday life.


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